A peek into the future: Five inventions to look forward to



smartwatches and virtual reality (VR) glasses. These were once make-believe objects and inventions we only seen on TV and movies.
They were the stuff of dreams but now they’re becoming a common sight in our lives. In fact, you’re probably be reading this on one of the inventions too.
While we are still light years away from a Utopian future, we’re one step closer from living like The Jetsons.
Here’s a rundown of the next brilliant inventions that could be possibly sooner than you think.

Imagine a future where we are being driven around by the car itself – think of all the things you could do now that your hands are no longer tied to the steering wheel.
The idea of a driverless car is not something new. It was first introduced at the New York World’s Fair in 1939 and only recently big companies like Google, Apple and Tesla have invested heavily in its development.
While the technology is still undergoing testing, one thing is for certain: autonomous cars will forever change the way people move about and make the roads safer by reducing crashes caused by human error.

Flying car

People have always been fascinated with the idea of flying. Ever since the Wright brothers’ first flight, mankind has explored other ways to expand on the concept.
From Blade Runner to Back to the Future, flying cars too have been featured in many science fiction movies. Among the first flying car prototype was the Ford Flivver, but the project didn’t really take flight.
As modern advancements grow, so does the interest to revive it with companies like AeroMobil, Airbus and even Uber getting in on the aviation action.
However, don’t plan on seeing cars take to the sky so soon as there are many issues and concerns needed to be addressed first beforehand.

Commercial space travel

In 1961, Yuri Gagarin made history by being the first human to be in space and a couple of years later, the Apollo 11 followed suit as the first manned landing mission on the moon.
Since then, only a select group of people had the chance to visit the outer space – among them our very own astronaut Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor.
That figure may soon change.
With companies such as SpaceX, Blue Origin and Virgin Galactic all pushing for commercial space travel, the sky is no longer the limit. In fact, it could be possible to travel to infinity and beyond within the next few years.
Just be prepared to fork out up to RM1mil for a ticket.

Robot maid

The robots are coming, and they are taking over our lives – in a good way of course!
Imagine coming home from a long day at work to a clean house or be greeted by a pet robot that requires less maintenance and even be served by a robot maid, robots are now becoming smarter with improved artificial intelligence (AI) technology.
While Hollywood would like us to believe that the robots are here to oust humanity, the robots we have today are meant to handle routine chores to make our lives easier.

3D printing

Another case of technological late bloomer – stereolithography was invented in the 1980’s – 3D printing is at its current prime.
The technology turns digital data into physical three-dimensional objects. In layman’s term, it can print out anything that you can imagine.
Among the things that people have 3D-printed included food, homes and buildings and even organs that could potentially save lives.
With the printer being easily available for purchase, it’s safe to say that 3D printing is not going away anytime soon.
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